Saturday, February 21, 2015


I woke to find the message
In a broken dream of tales of gloom
I woke into an empty shell
where forbidden symbols 
were feeding
the scraps of the orphan

A chamber 
A corridor
A chamber
A corridor
A chamber 
A chain reaction
with no direction 
The Devil in disguise

A chamber 
A corridor
A corridor
A chamber

I'm finally in
into the Void

A deaf Zone
the relief of Nothing

I'm finally in
the hungry Void

what remains 
is only light
and in depth

A deadly whirlpool
A body without organs
Aimless is the soul 
in front of the idol worship
I can't hear my voice
I'm finally in
where the 
Lady of the 
Sleepless Eyes
in a cave of forgotten dreams

A chamber 
A corridor 
A chamber

The Void

whenever I enter the zone
I become a full circle 

I'm finally in
I can't hear my voice

The ceremony of the Fall of the Mankind has begun

The message has become.

(VV Feb 2015)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


When the end of the times will come
The fireballs will burn
The wind of the souls will turn.

Back to the ashes, 
forgotten, worm-shaped,
we will drink the tears of the falls.

No Mankind to spoil 
the Gold Skies 
of the Divine Seed;
No Hope;
No Surrenders;
No God for us all.

Just naked rocks
penetrating the holes 
of the Holy Waters
making love to the Nothingness.

The birds will have already left for better lands.
Unlike men they will hear the Fatal Dance 
echoing austerely from far away
and will fly gracefully singing of a round.

Our winding bodies will fail the eternal Escape 
trapped underground to feed the Void.

Once upon a time
humans stumbled 
upon the Forces bound.

Once upon a time
Our feet were chained
to the ground.

(VV May 2014)

Friday, January 24, 2014


Left Right Left Right
Left Right Left Right

I walk like a prodigal soldier
in a round dimension 
attached to the ground
while trying to reach the sky...

Left Right Left Right
Left Right Left Right

Like a marionette of the Gravity
I march over the sea of the human water
wondering if the other side 
is pure Geometry or blind Chaos

I float into the ground
looking at the horizont
lost in the meaning 
of every beginning...

Left Right Left Right
Left Right Left Right

I want to jump 
touch the Unknown
and fuck the God of Time

but the earth pulls me down
like an unbreakable root 
that keeps all cells together
in that perfect anatomy of the Body

Consciousness is calling me
but I keep marching
She's like a ghost
an hungry chameleonic spirit
made of matter and soul...

Left Right Left Right
Left Right Left Right

Waiting for 
The Way
The Meaning 
The Truth

Left Right Left Right

The Way
The Meaning 
The Truth

The Ghost

VV (Jul 2013)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Sleeping on the dark side of the moon

I wake up slowly to the sound of the wolfs howl.

I try to reach them

I'm not scared

I try to touch them

They're my friends.

Mother earth is crying

pouring tears

like gentle rain

over the




The children of the dawn

have lost their way home.

They look blind and glowed

in front of the big Shadow

that as a fatal explosion

wipes out the white light

of the golden divine Peacock.

"I want to take you to the place I love"

the eagle screams to the lost souls.

We are all looking for a divine messenger

stuck deeply like unbreakable roots

into the tree of our bodies.

We are all waiting for the truth

trapped in our documentary of lies

that we use to call life.

Tonight the universe is lost

and I say a prayer to the Unknown.

VV Jan 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013


In the reigning waterhole of Madame Loneliness
I was mending the black ribbon of the seesaw of Decadence.

Unbroken Agony.

Thundering Silence.

Sleeping petals poured down
the warm tar of the way of No Return.

A mazy spiral.

A sensual trap.

There finding myself
since time undefined
stiff and impassive,
uncertain if this escape
lead to the doors
of the indomitable Sun
or of the flaming Hell.

I was tossing and turning
in the Night of the Moon
addicted to the Nothingness
counting the stars,
observing indefinite shapes,
absorbed by the





VV - Joshua Tree August 2011

Nello stagno imperante della Signora Solitudine,
ricucivo il nastro nero dell'altalena della Decadenza.
Agonia Andante.
Silenzio Assordante.
Petali assopiti piovevano
sull'asfalto caldo
della via di Non Ritorno
Una spirale labirintica.
Una trappola sensuale.
Era lí che mi ritrovavo
da tempo indefinito,
rigida e impassibile,
incerta se la fuga
avesse aperto le porte
dell'indomabile Sole
o dell'Inferno bruciante.
Mi rigiravo cosí
nella Notte di Luna
assuefatta al Nulla,
contando le stelle
osservando forme indefinite,
assorbita dall'

VV - Joshua Tree August 2011



"Oil, Charcoal, Autumn Leaves and Fruit, Stones on Canvas, 2008 V.Veil"

The fading craving hour
is calling from
the rusty dusty
planet of chains.

Black drops are falling
from the open screaming sky
where the cosmic tears
are waiting to be dried.

Violent flames are attending
the next Gold Scenario.

Sitting on a drunk chair
I grab the instant
and stop the chariot of time

and this ecstatic state
brings me back to the original Veil.

Looking for my outlines
I stumble on a wet spiral:
a prison of illusion
a mask of fears
a blurry vision
a hidden sound
a broken train
a fake tale.

VV July 2012

PRISON SEX part II (@ Velvet House)

Sobbalzó all'arrivare del Soldato della Casa di Velluto.

Ménilmontant dormiva silenziosa
tra le braccia materne
di una feconda luna piena di primavera.
Passi veloci e decisi l' avevano risvegliata
da un sonno giá intermittente e disturbato.

Non era chiaro se il richiamo provenisse
dall'eco di un sogno ancora vivo
o fosse lí presente, pronto ad irrompere
nella calma di quella notte di Maggio.

L'afferró con la forza e la trascinó lungo una scala dorata
illuminata da calde lanterne rosse intermittenti
che cadevano su antiche gabbie d'argento.
Era il passaggio obbligatorio per la Porta Blu
a cui non a tutti era possibile accedere.

Ad accoglierli: la Dea del Piacere
che con passo felino li conduce
nella Sala delle Vibrazioni.

Fiumi di porpora e vino
scorrevano su setose pareti di vinile
disegnando morbide onde ritmiche.

Nuotarono in quel mare,
godendo ogni singolo attimo
degli antici benefici dell'Armonico Ritorno.

Giunti alla Riva del Paradiso
si immersero suadenti
nella nuditá di un corpo solo.

Unione dei Sensi.

Ritorno al Primitivo.

La legna ardeva scoppiettante
nella infernale Culla orgiastica
di Madre Natura,

laguna senza uscita,

prigione del Piacere,

da cui non v'é piu ritorno.

VV Paris March 2011